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About Us

Sometimes life can put you into some pretty difficult situations. When you think everything is going just as planned, a roadblock can be put in your way and it’s up to you to navigate your life past that roadblock. These situations just won’t go away on their own and it’s up to you to make the best of  it.  

Sometimes, out of these hard and life changing situations, great things can come out of it. Eventually  you may come to learn that it really wasn’t a roadblock stopping your life, but a detour that will put you on the path you might have belonged the entire  time.  To me, this is how was created.

My name is Liz Maciorowski and I have over 20 years of experience in the world of design and creative marketing.   In the past I have worked for  publications, medical education and financial corporations. For the most part, I was always very happy doing this type of work and thought I would continue on that path for many years to come.

Then came the year 2008.  The economy was slowing rapidly and the term "laid off" was becoming quite commonplace. Even though I saw the writing on the wall, I always remained optimistic about the future. One day, a coworker asked me to attend a jewelry party demonstration. While we were there, we were quite taken by the advisor's story about how working for the direct sales company changed her life as well as her family’s. After the demonstration, my coworker and I made the deal that if we got let go, we would be join the world of direct sales since nothing positive was happening in the world of design. Not much later, we both received the wonderful Christmas present that our last day of work would be on December 31st.   I was officially, unemployed for the first time in my professional career.

Over the past four years, quite a bit has changed in my life. I was able to grow a team and learn quite a lot about direct sales, something I could never have imagined just a short while ago. One thing that I never let go of though was my love for design.  Since day one, I would always create custom invites for my hostesses and then later on, custom designs for team meetings, workshops, and basically everything else that had to do with my new business.  

I also started getting requests to do designs for other advisors from across the nation.  This led to a discussion between my husband (who happens to be a web developer) and myself to come up with a plan to offer all advisors in any direct sales company to create custom invitations, business cards and other documents to help them boost their direct sales businesses as well.   I have witnessed first hand the positive impact these custom designs can have on growing your business and I want to share that with all of you.

It’s taken quite a while to put this site together, but we have taken our time and were able to come to terms with associates from the printing businesses I worked with in the past as well as building the site ourselves to help keep costs down for everyone. Please take the time to explore what we have on and feel free to share comments and ideas of designs that you think will help your business.  


Thank you,
Liz Maciorowski
CEO - Designs by Liz