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Themed Invites/Flyers

Impress your hostesses and their guests with custom invitations!

What's one way to increase your income at home parties? That's right, have a lot of guests attend your hosstesses party.  When your hostesses has a theme party, you are already creating extra excitement.  A great way to get them excited and say "YES!!" to attending the party is by designing a custom invite just for your hostess for them to post on Facebook, Twitter, send e-mail invites and print them out so they can be given to neighbors, brought to the office or mailed out.   It's a surefire way to get your party sales UP!

- Only $1.99 per custom invite/flyer

- Easy to create

- Post on Facebook, Twitter, send via email, print out and give to neighbors and co-workers!

- Professional printing available!

- Your hostesses and guess will love the custom themes and get excited about the party!


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Price Details

Size Quantity Price
A4 - 8.5x11 250 $ 69.99
500 $ 74.99
1000 $ 79.99
2500 $ 139.99
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